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Kiln Dried Firewood

We have plenty of kiln dried firewood for sale this winter – for more information, call us at 201-755-7959 or e-mail us at info@gofflebrookfarms.com. One of the advantages of kiln dried firewood are that the wood is bug free, clean, and the moisture in the wood is always going to be low.

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Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash

This Roasted Butternut Squash recipe makes for a dish that’s worthy of any occasion, whether as a side for a holiday feast or celebration with someone you love. Butternut squash roasted with maple syrup and cinnamon until caramelized and tender, then tossed with fresh rosemary, so elegant a cuisine and easy to prepare.

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Pumpkin Patch

Each year, we create an Autumnal Wonderland full of one-of-a-kind displays and locally-grown pumpkins of every shape and size. Whether you need a small pumpkin that weighs less than a pound or a large pumpkin, we’ve got the perfect pumpkin for you. You’ll find all shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkins and gourds as well as corn stalks, hay bales and autumn garden decorations.

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Jersey Fresh Corn On The Cob

When it comes to corn, fresh is best, so buying local at the farmer’s market is key in finding the best tasting corn on the cob. You just can’t get that same sensation from produce that’s been picked, boxed, and transported to sit for days in displays at large commercial stores. To make the best of summer’s sweet corn while at its peak, here are Donna’s suggestions and tips for serving one of the most delicious treats of the season.

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Good Eats – McCrum’s Pies | Cakes | Muffins

Are you a pie lover? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that we are now offering the fresh baked fruit pies, cakes, muffins, and delicacies of McCrum’s Bakery of Elmwood Park, N.J. You can’t beat these pies, baked fresh daily with homemade fillings. All pies are made from scratch with fresh local fruit (except the cherry pies). You’ll know these pies are for real the moment your taste buds savor these scrumptious concoctions. Available in the Farmer’s Market.

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A Father’s Day Message to our Founder

A Father's Day Tribute by Donna Dorsey for her beloved father, Richard Osborne, our founder. Lately I’ve been noticing I say the same things he used to say And I even find myself acting the very same way I tap my fingers on the table To the rhythm in my soul And I jingle the car keys When I’m ready to go

Autumn at the Garden Center

Fall into Goffle Brook Farms for Autumn Beauty. Autumn in northeastern New Jersey is a spectacular display of Nature’s palette. Splashes of reds, oranges, yellows and burgundy create awe inspiring scenes to be enjoyed all across the region. Take a Sunday drive to the mountains or country or just take a short hop to see us in Ridgewood and you’ll revel in an atmosphere of autumn color and décor. Here at Goffle Brook Farms Garden Center we’ve enjoyed experiencing Autumn with our customers for over 54 years now and we’ve come to know what they love about the Fall Season.

What’s New In The Farmer’s Market

Fresh Local Produce available at the Farmer's Market. The main health benefit of locally grown food is that it’s fresher. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients within 24 hours of being picked, so fresher produce is more nutritious. In addition, locally grown food is picked at its peak ripeness, when it’s most dense with nutrients.

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National Mom and Pop Business Day

National Mom and Pop Business Day - Just in time for the weekend, as a local business we are offering a 15% discount savings Saturday, Sunday and Monday (March 27th, 28th and 29th of 2021) on your purchases. Stop in our garden center / farmer’s market and mention this discount offer at the checkout register counter to receive your savings.

A Frightfully BOOtiful Halloween

“The farther we’ve gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we’ve come to need Halloween.” Our Halloween displays are looking frightfully BOOtiful! Welcome trick-or-treaters to your home with a unique Halloween themed setting created from the decor found at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood. We celebrate Halloween in a big way at the garden center.

Have we got a sweet deal for you

Have we got a sweet deal for you. Frank's Honey is now available in our garden center/farmer's market. Produced locally by Ridgewood's own beekeeper and best selling author Frank Mortimer. Frank’s Honey is 100% pure, raw, all-natural, local honey, hand-harvested and hand–extracted from his family cared for hives. Plus, it’s the best tasting honey you'll ever have!

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Honey – Mother Nature’s Super Food

Honey, specifically raw, pure and unpasteurized, is considered a super food. Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. Most of the honey you see in the grocery store is processed and the pollen is removed and it is a far cry from the health promoting powerhouse of its raw, pure unpasteurized counterpart. At our farmers market in Ridgewood N.J. we have the “real deal“ Nina's Red Barn Farm Honey.

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Did you know? – Interesting Plant Facts

Here’s a selection of unique, bizarre and interesting plant facts. I got the idea for this post when my good friend Mags was browsing our website and espied an image of Yarrow on the herbs page. She said “why’s yarrow on the herb page? Aren’t they flowers?” I replied “Yes they do flower, however they are classified as a medicinal herb.” To this she replied “oh, I never knew that. That’s interesting”. We both shared a smile and some laughter over that little conversation. She then said; you should do a blog post called “did you know that”.

Farmers Market Produce

Fresh produce is available in our farmer’s market. Here is our produce availability list. We are looking forward to enjoying nature’s nutritious bounty with you. The food you purchase at our farmers market is seasonal. It is fresh and delicious and reflects the truest flavors. Incorporating a local farmers market into your routine will help you to reconnect with the seasonal cycles of nature in our region.

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Annuals and Perennials

If your Mother is like mine was then she’s an avid gardener with a green thumb and have we got the solution for you. Annuals, Perennials and Fruit Trees. Let Mom liven up her garden beds and displays with our seasonal color annuals available in flats and paks. Mix and match the paks to create that perfect choice of her favorite colors in lovely flowers.