Goffle Brook Farms

About Goffle Brook Farms

After 49 years of serving Bergen County, Goffle Brook Farm is successfully managed by founders Richard and Dancy’s daughter, Donna Dorsey, along with their son-in-law Kurt Dorsey. The family traditions remain alive and well. Kurt and Donna have two boys, Clinton and Kyle and there’s reason to believe there might be a third generation running Goffle Brook Farm someday.

Thrifty Thursday

By | August 5th, 2017|Hard Goods, Perennials, The Farmers Market|

At Goffle Brook Farms we encourage anyone interested in a wide range of produce, fruit, and herbs to come and check out what we have available this week. Right now is a great time to support farmers markets as well as enjoy some organically grown foods. We hope to see you all this week!

Avocado Corn Fritters

By | August 2nd, 2017|The Farmers Market|

Corn fritters are a great as well as simple way to enjoy corn. If you can make pancakes, you can make these. However an even better way to enjoy corn fritters is by adding in some avocado. Adding avocado to your corn fritters will add an amazing smooth creaminess to the fritters and enhance the flavor even more, if you enjoy avocados.