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Goffle Brook Farms provides much more than just beautiful plants! We have everything you need to compliment them, work with them and help them to thrive. We have a wide selection of soils for various needs, including potting soil and top soil. Our fertilizers are available year round to feed your plants when they need it.

So why does Miracle-Gro or any other fertilizer help plants grow bigger and healthier? Fertilizer is  material added to the growing medium of plants to supplement nutrient minerals that may be lacking. The minerals are used in very minor, and in some cases almost microscopic, amounts, to help construct all the different parts of the plant, it’s enzymes, proteins, vitamins, reproductive processes,  etc. A deficiency of minerals will limit plant growth, while adding certain minerals to the soil (or other medium) can increase growth and yield.

It’s important to understand that while fertilizer is often called “plant food,” plants don’t require food in the same way that animals do. Plants make the majority of their food, or fuel, from air and water, using the energy of the sun. This is called photosynthesis.  Think of fertilizer as supplying the “nails” –  you can’t build a house of nails, but you need them to hold the lumber together.

There are 3 primary macro-nutrients (those that plants need in the highest amounts) – nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium. The relative concentration of these three is stated on the fertilizer label in the form of a 3-number series, e.g.  8-7-6, or 20-20-20. Then there are 3 secondary macro-nutrients –  calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. In some places, notably Australia, the amount of sulfur is added as a 4th number. However, the many aspects of the fertilizer composition vary from nation to nation, so one must study the local regulations if you wish to know the finer points.

In addition to the macro-nutrients, there are a number of micro-nutrients which may or may not be included in the fertilizer, such as iron, copper, manganese, and a number of others. The concentration of the various nutrients elements are stated on the fertilizer label.

It’s also helpful to understand that plants use minerals in the form of mineral salts. Chemical fertilizers are already in the form of mineral salts, but in organic fertilizers the minerals are bound into organic forms, which have to be broken down by the microbes and/or chemical activity of the soil before they can be used by the plant.

The upkeep on your yard and plants is just as important as the installation of your plants.  Our selection of hard goods will not only maintain your yard but they will help keep your plants healthy and your yard beautiful.

Donna Dorsey, Goffle Brook Farms

Goffle Brook Farms – Potting Soils and Amendments

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  • Courteous, knowledgable and professional staff
  • Locally Grown Fresh Seasonal Produce
  • Quality Perennials – Annuals – Herbs and Garden Plants
  • Full-scale Garden Center on Premises
  • Conveniently located in Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • Open 7 days a week from March 15th through Christmas Eve
  • Family owned and operated since May 1st, 1968
  • Serving Bergen County for over FIFTY years

What Our Customer’s Say

Really cute garden center. My boyfriend and I stopped by to get some pumpkins. They had a great variety of both small and large pumpkins. They also have a small petting zoo with goats, sheep, and a pig. They have a small variety of  produce for purchase inside. We wound up sampling cider they were selling and bought that as well as it was delicious. We may go back to get more. Employees were very helpful and friendly.

Highly recommend this garden center.

Jessica, Gardener

This is such a great place. Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center has friendly and helpful staff that seem to really appreciate your business.  They have a great selection of plants, flowers, gardening supplies, great FRESH local produce and I am sure tons of stuff I have yet to discover.  The staff is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to walk me through any garden problem or question I have.
I’ve been going to Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center regularly for the past year since my family moved to the area and every time I go I leave happy.  What more can you ask for?

They will have my loyal business.  I think they deserve your business too.

Joe N., Landscaper

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