Blackeyed Susan - Rudbeckia Hirta - Goffle Brook Farms

Perennials – Goffle Brook Farms

Perennials are often considered the heart of the garden due to how rewarding they are, year after year, as well as the fact that they offer an enormous variety of colors, sizes, habits, fragrances, and bloomtimes. They provide interest throughout any season of the year, for many, including winter. Most perennials have a deep, extensive root system, allowing them to tolerate dry spells and guard against erosion.

Not only are our plants of the highest quality, but you’ll also find rare and unique varieties here that are very difficult to find elsewhere. We’ve chosen many of them because they’ve shown superior disease or pest resistance and excellent performance in drought, heat, cold, or other stresses. Some have been selected because of exciting new bloom colors and forms or new sizes and habits that make them perfect for any garden.

At Goffle Brook Farms we encourage and offer many native plant species of New Jersey and Bergen County. Native plants not only add beauty to New Jersey yards, they offer important environmental and economic benefits. Native plants help conserve and filter water, provide habitat for native wildlife, protect soil resources, and reduce the costs and environmental impacts associated with fertilizers and pesticides. They also give us a “sense of place.” From the unique plant communities of the Pinelands to coastal salt marshes to the hardwood forests in the Highlands, New Jersey’s native plants make us feel at home.

The Perennials of Goffle Brook Farms

“However many years she lived, Mary always felt that ‘she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow’.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

~Margaret Atwood

It was such a pleasure to sink one’s hands into the warm earth, to feel at one’s fingertips the possibilities of the new season.

Kate Morton, unknown

Perennial Gardening in Bergen County - Goffle Brook Farms

Ajuga Chocolate Chip - Goffle Brook Farms

Ajuga Chocolate Chip

Campanula Bellflower - Goffle Brook Farms

Campanula Bellflower

Coreopsis - Goffle Brook Farms


Ferns - Goffle Brook Farms


Helenium mardi grass

Helenium mardi grass

Hollyhock zebrina - Goffle Brook Farms

Hollyhock zebrina

Jacobs Ladder 'brise d anjou' = Goffle Brook Farms

Jacobs Ladder ‘brise d anjou’

Leadwort - Goffle Brook Farms



Daylily Blueberry Candy

Oenothera - Goffle Brook Farms


Peony shirley temple - Goffle Brook Farms

Peony ‘shirley temple’

Sea Thrift Sea Pink - Goffle Brook Farms

Sea Thrift – ‘Sea Pink’

Sedum Tri Color - Goffle Brook Farms

Sedum ‘tri-color’

Speedwell Veronica - Goffle Brook Farms

Speedwell Veronica

Eupatorium dubium 'Little Joe' - Goffle Brook Farms

Baby Joe Pye

Coneflower hot papaya - Goffle Brook Farms

Coneflower hot papaya

Daylily pardon me - Goffle Brook Farms

Daylily Pardon Me

Foxglove digitalis - Goffle Brook Farms

Foxglove – digitalis

Heuchera - Goffle Brook Farms


Hosta Great Expectation - Goffle Brook Farms

Hosta Great Expectation

Jacobs Ladder 'heavenly habit' - Goffle Brook Farms

Jacobs Ladder

Liriope 'silver dragon' - Goffle Brook Farms

Liriope ‘silver dragon’

Lupine - Goffle Brook Farms


Peony bowl of beauty - Goffle Brook Farms

Peony ‘bowl of beauty’

Red Hot Poker - Goffle Brook Farms

Red Hot Poker

Sedum 'angelina' - Goffle Brook Farms

Sedum ‘angelina’

Sedum Vera Jameson - Goffle Brook Farms

Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’

Tiarella cordifolia 'Brandywine' - Goffle Brook Farms

Tiarella Cordifolia

Bearded iris immortality - Goffle Brook Farms

Bearded Iris

coreopsis cosmic eye - Goffle Brook Farms

Coreopsis cosmic eye

Dicentra Bleeding Heart - Goffle Brook Farms

Dicentra Bleeding Heart

Foxglove mertronensis - Goffle Brook Farms

Foxglove – mertronensis

Hibiscus Luna - Goffle Brook Farms

Hibiscus Luna

Hostas - Goffle Brook Farms


Ladys Mantle 'auslese' - Goffle Brook Farms

Ladys Mantle ‘auslese’

Lupine - Goffle Brook Farms


Meadow Sage - Goffle Brook Farms

Meadow Sage

Monsieur jules Peony - Goffle Brook Farms

‘Monsieur jules’ Peony

Russian Sage - Goffle Brook Farms

Russian Sage

Sedum Autumn Joy - Goffle Brook Farms

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

Sempervium - Goffle Brook Farms


Spiderwort concord grape - Goffle Brook Farms

Spiderwort ‘concord grape’

Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susans - Goffle Brook Farms

Black Eyed Susans

coreopsis double gain - Goffle Brook Farms

Coreopsis double gain

Euphorbia - Goffle Brook Farms


Garden Peony - Goffle Brook Farms

Garden Peony

Hollyhock queeny purple - Goffle Brook Farms

Hollyhock Queeny Purple

Ice plant delosperma star burst

Delosperma Starburst

Lungwort 'diana clare' - Goffle Brook Farms

Lungwort ‘diana clare’

Meadow Rue - Goffle Brook Farms

Meadow Rue

Missour primrose - Goffle Brook Farms

Missouri ‘primrose’

peony sarah barnhardt = Goffle Brook Farms

Peony ‘sarah barnhardt’

Scabosia - Goffle Brook Farms


Sedum Makinoi ogon -Goffle Brook Farms

Sedum – ‘Makinoi ogon’

Silver Mound - Goffle Brook Farms

Silver Mound

St Johns Wort 'brigadoon' - Goffle Brook Farms

St Johns Wort ‘brigadoon’

Perennial Tips and Care

Astilbe - Goffle Brook Farms

Why Shop at Goffle Brook Farms

  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Locally Grown Fresh Seasonal Produce
  • Quality Perennials – Annuals – Herbs and Garden Plants
  • Full-scale Garden Center on Premises
  • Conveniently located in Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • Open 7 days a week from March 15th through Christmas Eve
  • Family owned and operated since May 1st, 1968
  • Serving Bergen County for over FIFTY years

What Our Customer’s Say

Really cute garden center. My boyfriend and I stopped by to get some pumpkins. They had a great variety of both small and large pumpkins. They also have a small petting zoo with goats, sheep, and a pig. They have a small variety of  produce for purchase inside. We wound up sampling cider they were selling and bought that as well as it was delicious. We may go back to get more. Employees were very helpful and friendly.

Highly recommend this garden center.

Jessica, Gardener

This is such a great place. Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center has friendly and helpful staff that seem to really appreciate your business.  They have a great selection of plants, flowers, gardening supplies, great FRESH local produce and I am sure tons of stuff I have yet to discover.  The staff is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to walk me through any garden problem or question I have.

I’ve been going to Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center regularly for the past year since my family moved to the area and every time I go I leave happy. What more can you ask for?

They will have my loyal business.  I think they deserve your business too.

Joe N., Landscaper

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