Fresh Local Produce Red Onions at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJ

Farmer’s Market Produce

Fresh Local Produce at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJ

Our farmer’s market is stocked with fresh produce. We are doing our best to make the right decisions for our customers and our employees in light of the recent health crisis. We are staying open and, if you are comfortable, would love for you to visit our open-air store and property. In addition to getting much needed fresh air here, we are practicing social distancing, meaning our employees and customers are to remain at least 6 ft apart. In addition to social distancing we have implemented the following practices:

  • We have distanced our cash registers 6 ft apart to accommodate this new protocol
  • Contact free credit card payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, are available for your convenience
  • Wearing gloves/Frequent Hand Washing
  • Disinfectant wipe downs of surfaces
  • Delivery/Pick-up Options (see text end of post)

Fresh Produce at Goffle Brook Farms

Fresh Local Produce at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJ

(produce availability list – updated 15 – July – 2020)

Apples (bagged) – $6.99/bag

Avocado – $2.99 ea

Beans – Yellow – $3.99 lb

Cantaloupe – $4.99 ea

Celery – $2.49 ea

Cilantro – $2.99 bunch

Dill – $2.99 bunch

Grapes Red – $4.99 lb

Head Lettuce – $2.99 ea

Limes – $.49 ea

Onion Red – $1.69 lb

Oranges – $.89 ea

Pepper Green – $2.99 lb

Plum – $2.99 lb

Potato Red – $1.99 lb.

Strawberries – $4.99 ea

Watermelon – $9.99 ea

Zucchini Green – $2.99 lb

Apple Granny Smith (1.99 lb)

Basil $2.99 bunch

Beets –

Carrots – $1.99 bunch

Cherries Red – $6.99 lb

Cucumbers – $.99 ea

Garlic – $1.99 ea

Grapes Sapphire – $4.99 lb

Kale (box) – $3.99 ea

Mango – $2.49 ea

Onion Vadalia – $1.99 lb

Parsley – $2.99 bunch

Pepper Red – $3.99 lb

Potato Russet – $1.49 lb

Potato Yukon Gold – $1.99 lb

Scallion – $1.99 bunch

Tomato Beefsteak – $2.99 lb

Water – $.59 ea

  • Case) – $5.99 ea
  • Case – 2 for $10.99

Arugula (Box) – $3.99 ea

Beans – Green – $3.99 lb

Blueberries ($4.99 ea)

Cauliflower – $4.99 ea

Cherries White – $9.99 lb

Cucumbers pickling – $.89

Ginger – $6.99 lb

Grapes Ctn Candy – $6.99 lb

Lemons – $.59 ea

Nectarines – $2.99 lb

Onion Yellow – $1.29 lb

Peaches – $2.99 lb

Pineapple – $5.99 ea

Potato Creamer- $2.99 lb

Radishes – $1.99 bunch

Spinach Box – $3.99 ea

Tomato Cherry – $4.99 pint

Zucchini Yellow – $2.99 lb

The Benefits of Shopping Local

Nutritious food should be enjoyed by everyone. Eating healthy sustains our inner-self and well being thereby making it possible for us to pursue a happy, healthy life. Walk in any supermarket and there are beguiling aisles upon aisle of soda, crackers of every description, candy, processed fruit flavored breakfast bars, potato chips, pretzels and more.  Fresh Produce at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJAt Goffle Brook Farms we put  our fruits, vegetables, and produce front and center and create a shopping environment where nutritious foods are not only affordable, they’re celebrated. The fruits and vegetables you buy at our farmers market are the freshest and tastiest available.

The food you purchase at our farmers market is seasonal. It is fresh and delicious and reflects the truest flavors. Incorporating a local farmers market into your routine will help you to reconnect with the seasonal cycles of nature in our region. As you look forward to asparagus in spring, relish the thought of sweet corn in summer, or long for the wafting scents of baked pumpkins in autumn, you reconnect with the earth, the weather, and the turning of the year.

If you would like to stay home, but still shop with us, we will be taking phone-in orders. Please feel free to reach out to us at 201-652-7540. Delivery is available. ALL ORDERS must be done via tel-652-7540 and if you don’t get an answer please call or text 201-755-7959 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are also offering curbside pick-up. You can call in your order and we will call you when it is ready to pick up. Once you reach the parking lot you can call to let us know you are at the store.Our social media (Instagram and our Facebook Page) accounts and our website are the best ways to monitor our hours and we encourage you to communicate with us if you have any concerns or questions regarding our business.

As per the Department of Agriculture Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center is considered an essential business and will remain open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30 am to 6 pm and Sunday 8:30-5:00. We are closed Wednesday during July. The only change in those hours would be a day that rains all day. If it is a rainy day just call first to be sure we are open.

Thank you for your continued support. Best (Healthy) Wishes,
The Staff at Goffle Brook Farms Garden Center

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