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Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood is dried by being placed in a heated chamber at very high temperatures which removes water.
The kilns used have been adapted from lumber drying kilns so they can dry firewood much quicker. These firewood kilns usually will reach 160 degrees with some reaching over 200 degrees. Kilns can dry firewood to around 15 to 20% moisture content in under 72 hours.

Kiln Dried Firewood in Bergen County - Goffle Brook FarmsSome advantages of kiln dried firewood are that the wood is bug free, clean, and the moisture in the wood is always going to be low. All of this is thanks to the ability to be stored inside and from being in a kiln. It can also be produced at any time in the year, and will burn very clean with little ash and is great for all fireplaces. Kiln dried wood produces less creosote, which is a large contributor to chimney problems. Other than that, kiln dried wood is also much lighter, efficient, and easy to ignite than traditional firewood.

We have plenty of kiln dried firewood for sale this winter by the pallet – for more information, call us at 201-755-7959 or e-mail us at

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