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you tend to meet a lot of people and I mean a lot. And with that; being a garden center and the laid back shopping pace and the atmosphere, people linger and friendships are made. Many are families with small children and many wonderful memories are made each and every day. So we started thinking let’s give these kids are wonderful memory. Let’s give them a petting zoo. We have the room, the atmosphere, the necessities to create a safe and secure area for interaction with animals, and besides; it’s gonna be fun to do.

The Petting Zoo - Goffle Brook FarmsThere are many benefits to your child or your children when you take them to a petting zoo for the first time. One of the first benefits is that your child or children can get to see the different kinds of animals first hand. Many children like the ones who live in the cities do not get to see the kinds of animals that live in petting zoos.

A zoo of this kind can have a variety of different animals that are usually hand raised and very gentle. In a petting zoo, you may find baby animals like goats, chickens, burros, lambs, and often-small baby calves as well. Touching an animal is new and exciting to a child and you can watch as your child finds his or her favorite animal.

One animal in particular at the petting zoo will fascinate your child. Touching the animals at the petting zoo is a benefit to your child as well. The animals have a different texture to their hair and skin. The different textures will be a new experience to your child. You child will also gain knowledge of the different kinds of animals at the petting zoo.

One of the next benefits to your child is the zoo allows your child to hear the different sounds around him or her. The animals make quite different sounds. This will be unlike anything he or she has ever experienced.

Our Petting Zoo is designed for small children and pre-teens to have a wonderful experience especially if your child lives in a city situation. The petting zoos give the parents the opportunity to expose their children to the animals and let the children have fun. The children can pet all the animals and feed the animals by hand as well. To a small child who has never seen these creatures before this is fun, new and exciting all at the same time.

Stop by Goffle Brook Farms next time your kids get “ants in their pants” and want to go somewhere. They can make a lot of new friends here.

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At The Petting Zoo - Goffle Brook Farms

At The Petting Zoo - Goffle Brook Farms

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