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Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”

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Gardening in Bergen County

The warm glow of the sun rays brings us once again into the garden. It’s all happening out there now with seeds sown and beginning to germinate and some little seedlings growing in the hot house. Pansies with their smiling “faces” once again provide a welcoming sight. Crocus shyly show their faces in the morning, another herald of the coming growing season.

At Goffle Brook Farms we’re ready for another fun-filled year of gardening with our friends and meeting new ones. Gardening has a lot in common with painting a landscape. Every spring, the Almighty creates the joy of new life by painting nature with color, shapes & textures we hadn’t seen since last spring. It’s a gardener’s task to try our best to maximize all of nature’s delights in the confines of our own space. That space may be a big or small yard, pots on a deck or patio, or just a few plants by a sunny window. It’s not the size of your space that matters; it’s the love that you put into your growing experience.


Vegetable gardens are making a comeback as people desire healthy, flavorful home grown produce. Grow your own and know that it is safe and wholesome. You can grow a few vegetables in pots on your patio or fill up a large backyard plot. It is so rewarding to taste the goodness of vegetables and fruits that you grew yourself.

Each spring gardeners all around town are thinking the same thing, “what can I do in the yard?” This is the perfect time to think VEGGIES. There are several vegetables that can be started as soon as the soil is workable in the spring. A few examples of cold crops are broccoli, collards, Bergen County Garden Vegetables - Goffle Brook FarmsBrussels sprouts, cabbage, peas, and spinach.

We carry a complete line of vegetable plants from asparagus to zucchini . Our seasoned garden experts will help you have your healthiest, most flavorful garden ever. Whether your planting a full backyard vegetable garden, or a container garden for the deck we’ll have all of your culinary needs. We have everything from heirlooms to the latest hybrids and over 60 varieties of herbs. A home vegetable garden is easy to start and doesn’t require as much effort as one might think to keep it growing strong. Following a few simple steps will ensure you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time. We have a diverse selection of garden accessories to help ensure you have a “bumper” crop this season.

Locally Grown Fresh Produce

More and more people are recognizing the benefits of buying locally grown foods. By choosing local fresh produce at a farmer’s market you can ask what practices were used to raise and harvest the crops. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you know a lot more about that food. According to the nonprofit organization Food-Routes, these benefits include:

  • Premium taste: Locally grown fruits and vegetables are usually sold within 24 hours of being harvested. Produce picked and eaten at the height of ripeness has exceptional flavor and, when handled properly, is packed with nutrients.
  • The Farmers Market Produce at Goffle Brook FarmsMaximum freshness: By choosing local produce at farm stands, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms and grocery stores, you pay for taste, not transportation and packaging.
  • Unique varieties: Local farmers often grow a large assortment of unique varieties of products to provide the most flavorful choices throughout the season.
  • Buying local also keeps farms and communities strong. Money spent by shoppers at local farms and by local farmers at local businesses stays in the community. Knowing your farmer can also help alleviate food safety concerns. It’s good business for everyone.

Our Vegetable Plants at The Farmer’s Market

Because a vegetable needs either warm or cool weather, crops sort themselves into two distinct categories: cool season (for spring and fall) and warm season (for summer). Planting in the proper season is the first step to a bountiful garden. Hardy vegetables tolerate hard frosts (usually 25 to 28 degrees F). They are good for spring and fall gardens. The hardiest–kale, spinach, and collards–can tolerate temperatures in the low 20s and high teens. All taste best when they mature in cool weather, so they are very well suited to late summer planting for fall harvests.


Goffle Brook Farms

Goffle Brook Farms Farmers Market

Gardening – Hard Goods / Accessories

  • Mulches – Choose from single, double or triple shredded mulch from a variety of colors. Bulk (cubic yd) or bagged.
  • Potting Soils and Mediums – Premium Potting Soils and mediums. Perlite, Vermiculite and more
  • Organic Fertilizers – Go “green” this gardening season with one of our 100% organic garden fertilizers.
  • Pest Control – From ornamental and vegetable treatments, to aphid control and plant care products to choose from.
  • Gardening Tools – One thing we learned over the years is if you’re going to buy a tool. Buy a good one, and we have them.
  • Seed & Lawn Care – Grass seeds from shade to full sun, Kentucky Blues and Fescues and lawn care products, many organic.
  • Composts – Feed the soil with some of our nutrient-rich compost. Available bulk (cubic yd) or bagged.

Goffle Brook Farms and Garden Center

Why Shop at a local garden center

There are several ways to approach the acquisition of plants for your new or established garden. There’s the web, there’s the big box store, there’s your friend down the road who is dividing his irises, and then there’s Goffle Brook Farms, a local nursery. Nurseries sell living stock, susceptible to pests and extreme weather. Hosting and caring for large numbers of plants is physically demanding and time consuming and requires extensive learned knowledge.

Big box stores with lower prices, little variety, and less intel lure shoppers unaware of the significant benefits that come with buying from independent nurseries. Next time you need a plant, head for the business that knows its business. Head over to Goffle Brook Farms at 425 Goffle Road in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

to read the full article by Donna Dorsey head on over to our gardening blog.

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