Fresh Bean and Corn Salsa

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One way you could use up our tomatoes and Jersey sweet corn is in a fresh home-made batch of salsa! There are so many ways to make salsa the way you like it, our recipe we'll be sharing is black bean and corn, but you can make this recipe any way you'd like by adding or removing the corn, beans, cilantro, and whatever else you might not like in salsa. If you do like all of those ingredients though, you're in for a treat with this tasty salsa.

Preserving Tomatoes

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If your tomatoes are beginning to ripen in the garden, you've probably been thinking of how you're going to preserve all the tomatoes you get. While there are many ways to preserve tomatoes, here are our favorite ways to preserve them and ensure they're fresh for a long period of time and taste great!

Vegetable Gardening

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Vegetable Gardening in Bergen County With more and more families wanting to try growing their own vegetables it is more important than ever to have the best products and knowledge to help them do so with success.  Here at Goffle brook farms we carry a wide verity of non GMO seeds, seed trays and [...]