Vegetable Gardening in Bergen County

With more and more families wanting to try growing their own vegetables it is more important than ever to have the best products and knowledge to help them do so with success.  Here at Goffle brook farms we carry a wide verity of non GMO seeds, seed trays and seed starting soil.  Pretty much everything you need to start your own vegetables seeds.  Most seeds can be started in doors, 6 to 8 weeks before our frost free date (around May 15th).  In any case follow the instructions on the pack of seed for when to plant and how deep.  Vegetables at Goffle Brook FarmsAfter planting your seeds make sure to water them lightly and place in a warm, sunny area.  A sunny southern facing window will work well.  While waiting to transplant your seedlings outside it’s a good idea to start prepping the area where they’re going to be planted by turning the soil  over and adding to it if need be.

Whether you need cow manure or compost for in the ground or potting soil for containers we have it all.  If you’re planning to make a raised garden beds make sure to use non pressure treated wood.  Cedar will last many years and looks really nice.  As far as what to fill the raised bed with we never recommend topsoil. It might be the easiest and least expensive to get a truck load of top soil delivered to fill your raised beds but in most cases you have no idea where its coming from and if there’s any contaminants in it, also topsoil by itself is much to heavy of a soil and will over time compress and smother the root system of the plants.  This is why we recommend mixing your own soil to fill raised beds.

By mixing equal parts Bumper Crop (organic compost), peat moss and vermiculite you’ll have the best soil for your vegetables.  We can help calculate the quantities you need, all we need to know is the size of the bed to be filled.  Later in the season we carry many vegetable in flats that are ready to be transplanted into your garden and the right fertilizers to make them flourish.  So weather you need seeds, soil, plants fertilizers or just have a question, we have the answer.