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Frost Hardy Annuals

Focus on frost hardy annuals. Some of these annuals that can withstand 20 degrees or so, including pansies, snapdragons, dianthus, alyssum, dusty miller and osteospermum. Keep in mind that flowers may be a bit ragged after such cold but the plants should make it through ok. Annuals able to tolerate a light frost include varieties of petunia, nicotiana, calendula, Victoria sage, and verbena canadensis.

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Ornamentals & Flower Seed Sowing Dates

Get ahead on your gardening by starting ornamental and flower seeds indoors and producing your own transplants. With a little planning, a few supplies and tools, plus some know-how, you’ll be on your way to seed starting success. Plant these flower seeds indoors, under lights, six to eight weeks before transplanting into the garden.

Poinsettias and Plant Care Tips

Since Holiday Season Poinsettias come all different sizes and pots, they make ideal accents for gift giving. Imagine Christmas morning when that special someone comes down for their morning cup of coffee and espies upon the counter beside the coffeemaker a lavishly wrapped gift complemented by a stunning poinsettia with draping bows and a snippet or two of garland with some frosted pine cones and greenery. Priceless!

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Candy Cane Oxalis Versicolor

Fancy a new look in the garden beds or perhaps within your porch/patio containers? Have we got something for you! Check out these Candy Cane “oxalis versicolor”. Having stunning two-tone blossoms they make for a fun, unique and visually beyond belief addition to any garden setting from container gardening, as an accent/companion plant or as a border planting or rock garden.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

TEN PERCENT OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING (when it's raining)- The phrase “April showers bring May flowers” is a popular saying used often during the month of April. This is typically the time when the last bit of snow turns to all rain as temperatures climb, and increased rain shower activity sparks the beginning of flowers and plants to really start blooming.

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Spring Soil Preparations

Wow time flies! We are only a month away from our re-opening for the 2021 garden seasons. There are plenty of different types of soil and it’s important to ensure you have the right soil for the right plants. So get your garden books out and your thinking caps on. Recall what worked last year and what didn’t; but irregardless of whether it worked or not, it won’t work unless the soil is ideal for plant growth.

Kurt Says Water Wisely

Looks like we're in for a run of scorchers the next two weeks. Temperatures climbing into the high to mid nineties for quite a stretch with little or spotty rain forecast. Man those iced teas are gonna quench your thirst while relaxing on the patio. Don't forget your porch/patio containers and your garden beds. Chances are those plants are going to be mighty thirsty also.


Oh my gosh! What is that? It’s beautiful. These common statements are often heard around the patio during summer gatherings or family get-togethers. Mandevilla has become a common and stunning patio plant. It’s brilliant flowers of reds, pinks and whites add a tropical flair to any landscape and/or garden setting.