Fresh Cut Frasier Firs at Goffle Brook Farms

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

“May all the beauty of this holiday season be yours to enjoy”
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Fresh Cut Frasier Firs at Goffle Brook Farms

Buying a real, fresh-cut Christmas tree at a local business is as much about the experience as it is about the purchase; and shopping for one at Goffle Brook Farms is a memory you’ll cherish for years. We have a large selection of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, all fresh cut and of different sizes to suit all your holiday decorating needs.

The Fraser fir is considered by many to be the perfect holiday tree. It boasts attractive one-inch needles that are silvery-green and soft to the touch, making it the ideal varietal for families with pets or young children who tend to handle their tree. Fraser fir trees also have a bit of space between their layers of firm, hearty branches, which is helpful for allowing all your favorite ornaments to stand proud and catch the eye.

Bring the children and enjoy the holiday setting and scenes throughout the garden center and let them shop for many unique Christmas and Holiday Gifts in our Farmer’s Market. Not only can you get your tree, you can find all you’d need to decorate it. You can also choose from a diverse selection of beautiful decorated Holiday Wreaths, our Christmas Centerpieces, and Porch Containers, tastefully decorated for the holidays with greens and garland.

When hunting for the perfect Fraser fir tree, you probably won’t have to look long—the varietal tends to grow in near-perfect triangles, so your pick is sure to stun from any angle. When you bring home your tree, cut a fresh slice off the trunk to allow it to absorb optimal water, and continue to feed it every day—if properly cared for, your Fraser fir tree will retain its scent and needles all season long.

  • Use a container that keeps the water level at a constant level. As a rule, tree stands should allow 1 quart of water per inch of the trunk’s diameter.
  • Use a stand that is appropriate for your trees’ trunk size; do not whittle the tree down to fit the trunk into a stand that is too small.
  • Display your live Christmas tree away from heat sources that can dry it out prematurely.
  • Check and water daily to ensure that the tree has enough water.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Decorate a Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Short on space for a large Christmas Tree. We have the solution for you! These living Dwarf Alberta Spruce Christmas trees are a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative to cut Christmas Trees. Dwarf Alberta spruce (Picea glauca ‘Conica’) has a shape like a miniature Christmas tree. Bright green needles demand little care to look their best, and a slow growth rate makes this spruce a go-to evergreen for containers. Dwarf Alberta spruce grows just 2 to 4 inches a year. If using as an indoor Christmas Tree, keep well watered and plant outside as soon as possible. A perfect cone-shaped dwarf conifer with dense green needles, soft to the touch. Will slowly reach 6-8 ft tall and 4-5 ft wide in natural form.

Roping | Wreaths | Greens

Adding a finishing touch of elegance to your holiday decorating project is easy with our beautiful selection of Christmas greens. You will find the largest selection of all types of wreaths, greens, roping, garland and boughs in the area right here at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood. We will gladly create any combination, shape, color scheme and size especially for you and we also carry all of the wreath making supplies you may need including a huge selection of ribbon. Fresh greens and wreaths look and smell great inside of your home ! Add bows and pine cones for simple and traditional decorating. Have a vision of your perfect decorating item ? Bring it to us and we will create it for you or supply you with the materials and instructions to create it yourself! Use our boughs and roping for embellishment of your fireplace mantel, doors, stair railings – anything you want to add that special, fragrant touch to for the holiday season.

Christmas and Holiday Decor in Ridgewood NJ

Goffle Brook Farms has all the items you need to deck the halls for the holidays! Give your home cozy appeal with decorative accents and hanging decor. Trim your home with greenery by hanging a wreath on your window or door or draping a garland over the mantel or banister. Make holiday memories with your family by decorating your tree with dazzling ornaments and other tree decor items.

Then there is that holiday favorite, Poinsettias. Colours awash in the store with reds, whites and variegated foliage accented by the aroma wafting through the air from the firs and greens. If you’re looking for a beautiful potted plant for this Christmas season to have around the home, poinsettias are a perfect choice. These plants provide a beautiful mix of colors, all shades being perfect for Christmas decor in any home. Along with their holiday appeal, they are also quite easy to tend to and will last for quite a bit of time. They make for a great gift around Christmas too for anyone who enjoys gardening!

The petals, which appear to be flowers at first, are actually modified leaves which are apart of the upper part of the plant, which are called bracts. Poinsettia are an easy, inexpensive way to add classic Christmas decor into any home with very little effort. At Goffle Brook Farms we have plenty of poinsettia for you to plant as decor, use as cuttings for next year, or you can gift one to someone who enjoys gardening. There are many uses for poinsettia during the holiday season, you can use them as decor on the tree, on the wreath, or on a mantel above the stockings. There are many ways to get creative when decorating around the holidays, and using poinsettia is just one great way to do so during the holiday season.

Poinsettias at Goffle Brook Farms

Poinsettias at Goffle Brook Farms

Poinsettias at the garden center

Poinsettias at the garden center

While you’re here shopping don’t forget to grab one or two of our aromatic candles to add some seasonal scents to the atmosphere and don’t forget our local honey. It’s “oh so good” and great for your holiday baking. We also do custom wreaths, containers and grave blankets and cones for cemetery holiday memorial displays.

Make your home the most festive house on the block! Shop Local and Shop Goffle Brook this year…

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