Mid-Atlantic Gardening Calendar 2018

Timing is a key to a successful garden that produces plentiful blooms or plentiful fruits. Starting and maintaining a garden can seem very overwhelming, as there are many tasks that need to be done during the upcoming spring months. However the winter is the best time to start planning ahead,  and with proper preparation, research, and by planning ahead of time, you will have great success in your garden this year. To help you along the way with your planning, Goffle Brook Farm has created a garden calendar for Spring 2018 in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Gardening Calendar - Goffle Brook Farms

Utilizing a Garden Calendar

Use of a calendar in gardening can be a very helpful tool for planning and keeping up with all of the tasks that need completed in the spring. Having a day by day list to follow with all of the gardening tasks that need to be done will also ensure that you don’t forget about an important step in gardening. A garden calendar is the best way to plan ahead and set a schedule for gardening ahead of time. It’s also a great way to keep track of tasks that need repeated in your garden, like fertilizing, watering, or swapping plants out of the sun and shade. Following a calendar will ensure that you provide your plants with the correct amounts of water, sunlight, and lead to better quality plants of any kind.

If you don’t already use a calendar simply because you’ve never seen a use for it, a garden calendar is a great way to understand the importance of proper planning. A calendar can benefit anyone who isn’t very organized and help you become less forgetful about events, important tasks, and are great for any hobbies that require special timing and planning, such as gardening. They are a great tool to use to give yourself deadlines for important tasks, rather than just estimating when you will get something done. And thankfully, with the advent of smartphones and computer calendars, setting up reminders for gardening is easier than ever and can be done right from this website with just a few clicks. Here’s how easy it is…

1.) On our Gardening Calendar page, navigate to the month you’d like to export to your calendar. On the bottom right of the calendar page, click “Export Events” to export the entire month’s events. If you’d like to export a single calendar event, you can do so by clicking the “iCal export” button on any event such as this page.

2.) When prompted, open the file you just downloaded and it will open in your default calendar program or phone application.

3.) Save the calendar events you opened, and now it’s in your calendar. It’s that simple.

Our gardening calendar is full of plenty of tasks that all gardeners should complete to ensure the best crop growth in the mid-Atlantic area. There are plenty of ways to customize and fine-tune our garden calendar based on your own gardening habits, like putting the best planting dates for all plants you want to plant this spring. Sadly, there isn’t enough space for us to include every single vegetable and herb’s planting dates, otherwise we would. So, it’s up to you to do your own research on whichever plants you wish to cultivate this year and include it on your own gardening calendar. Proper use and strict adherence of a gardening calendar will lead you to become a much better gardener, as well as improve your time-management skills for the long-term. Plus, we’ll be including plenty of coupons within our calendar, providing you with great deals on all sorts of gardening wares year round. Check our calendar every week or so for new deals that will be popping up this spring!

We hope some of you may find this garden calendar useful in your gardening endeavors. There are so many of ways to utilize a garden calendar since a large part of gardening is just following feeding and watering schedules for plants; so we really hope this gardening calendar will help you be able to consistently care for your garden this spring! It can be easy to forget about an important garden task, and sometimes by the time you remember to do the task, it can be too late in the season to fix the problem. This is why a garden calendar is very helpful and should be used especially if you find the amount of tasks in the garden overwhelming, and find yourself forgetting to do just one important thing year after year.

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