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Did you know the best time to apply grass seed has begun? The best time to apply grass seed in New Jersey is August 20th to October 10th (The earlier date is most desirable). The warm soil insures fast germination and the cooler fall weather that follows mimics the climates these grasses are native to. Grass is a plant and plants need water to survive, especially in the hot and humid summer months, and coming off the August we’ve just experienced we all were more than a little thirsty this year. We had some HEAT!

Heat stress can be very damaging to a lawn so it is important to notice the signs, correct the problem and prevent future instances. Heat stress is caused by the heat and humidity when the lawn lacks water. A lawn suffering from heat stress is more likely to have problems with diseases, weed infestations, insect infestations, bare spots and even death. It is possible to help a lawn rebound from heat stress, but much easier to prevent it. And a good way to prevent it is by rejuvenating it with Jonathan Green Black Beauty Fall Magic Grass Seed and then feeding it with their Winter Survival Lawn Fertilizer, both of which we have in stock and highly recommend.

Black Beauty Fall Magic - Goffle Brook Farms

Fall Magic Grass Seed

Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed is specially formulated for successful fall seeding projects. Use this seed mixture to overseed a lawn with a sparse stand of grass or to plant a brand new lawn in the autumn.

Black Beauty® Fall Magic is the ideal grass seed mixture to use when repairing summer disease and insect damage in lawns. The grass seed varieties in Fall Magic are bred to perform especially well when seeded during the fall planting season of September through November. This seed germinates in 10-14 days.


Winter Survival

Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food is the ideal fall lawn fertilizer to spread anytime from early September through mid-November because air temperatures are cooler and the soil is still warm enough for grass roots to grow deep. Winter Survival provides the nutrients to help boost newly seeded lawns as well as help established lawns grow thicker and greener grass with deeper roots.

If Winter Survival is spread early in the fall, a second application the first week of November will safeguard the lawn over the winter resulting in greener grass early next spring.

Jonathan Green Winter Survival - Goffle Brook Farms

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