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Goffle Brook Farms – Celebrating our 50th Year

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It’s time for another year of
Flowers – Fruit – Food & Fun

As anyone who travels Goffle Road knows, it isn’t spring until Goffle Brook Farm in Ridgewood puts out its pansy display. That’s been the tradition since Richard and Dancy Osborne opened the place in 1968. Our reopening this year is special, both within our hearts and with our many customers and friends as this marks our 50th Anniversary serving Bergen County.

Kurt Dorsey of Goffle Brook Farms

Wow – finally… I don’t know how many times as I sat inside cooped up, with the winter winds howling outside and the snow falling, did I anxiously await the arrival of Spring and another year of gardening. How I longed for the sight of pansies, all awash in hues of oranges, blues, yellows and reds. Then I would think about the crocuses, the hyacinths with their heavenly scent drifting on the spring breezes, the display of tulips and lilies welcoming Easter’s arrival, with easter eggs for the children and many a smile.

Kurt Dorsey stocking pansies at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJWell this is the place to find these and more. Pansies are in for seasonal color. Get some to decorate the front porch or patio with containers or plant some in your entrance and garden beds. Easter lilies are the perfect symbol to mark the beginning of the spring season. The large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers bring a bit of spring fragrance into the home but can also be enjoyed outdoors later in the season.

Easter flowers will be arriving mid-week and our garden center is open and stocked with everything you’ll need for both the lawn and garden. Ready to get some seeds started? It’s the very heart of gardening: sowing seeds and tending seedlings that will develop into colorful flowers or delectable edibles. And there is possibly no better antidote to the frigid weather we’ve been enduring lately than starting your garden today.

Growing your favorite vegetables or flowers from seed is enormously satisfying, relatively simple, and the least expensive way (in the long run) to procure an assortment of rare heirloom tomatoes and dozens of uncommon annuals to fill pots or beds. The major keys to success: fresh, quality seed, the right soil, and a gentle transition to life in the great outdoors.

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