Give the Gift of Gardening

Give the Gift of Gardening this Fathers Day

at Goffle Brook Farms

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets of our society.”
– Billy Graham

Celebrate Father’s Day

Cloche - fathers day gift

Father’s Day is approaching and this is an excellent time to show the dads and father figures in your life how special they are to you. Whether you’re celebrating a dad, stepdad, grandfather or other father figure, make sure he knows how special he is and what he means to you.

The way Kurt explains it is; you could say that my love for gardening both as a backyard gardener and as a dad is deeply rooted (pun very much intended!) As a gardener some of my favorite memories (perhaps yours also!) as a kid are of being outside with my dad or in my grandparent’s garden, shovel in-hand, putting something in the ground. As a dad, the perfect Father’s Day (well, anyday really) would include spending time outside with  budding young gardeners doing things like getting one’s hands dirty, planting flowers, herbs and vegetables or sprucing up the patio and outdoor living area with unique decor.

Spend the day at the Garden Center: We’re not just a store, we’re a destination for plant lovers everywhere. We’ll be open on Father’s Day and you’re welcome to bring your dad and spend as long as you like enjoying the fresh air, the stellar garden displays, and just being yourself…

Some Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Tropical plants are plants that originated from the tropical regions of the world and are known for their bold textures, vivid colors and rich scents. These plants are the perfect way to add a tropical flair to your gardens and patios. Just remember to bring them inside at the end of summer to winter them over. Our Garden Center is fully stocked and you can find everything from unique foliages and blooming tropicals such as Hibiscus, Mandevillas or Bougainvillea, to Dipladenia and more.

June 12th thru June 16th

Hibiscus and Tropical Plants at Goffle Brook Farms



New this year at Goffle Brook Farms is our Potting Shed wherein you can create your own stunning containers for the porch, patio, or garden with expert help and advice available right at your fingertips. Browse our garden center and choose your plants, if you have a container bring it along and use your own or choose from one of our many stylish containers, select your potting mix and/or soil, don’t forget the fertilizer, add a tad of mulch to help keep the growing medium moist and if you want to fancy it up you can choose a small unique piece of garden decor to liven it up.

A great way to spend quality time with Dear Ole Dad on Father’s Day and give him a special gift at the same time!

For more information see out Potting Shed Post

Container Gardening with Dad on Fathers Day - create your own at Goffle Brook Farms


Houseplants do more than bring living beauty indoors with green foliage and bright flowers, they also clean the air in your home and bring a host of physical health benefits to your body. You can many different plant varieties at Goffle Brook Farms, perfect for any part of your home, from plants that can withstand low-light and little care, to those that thrive by a bright-lit window.

Indoor Plants for Fathers Day Gifts


Every garden deserves a little flair! Garden decor gifts allow Dad to show off his fun side. Shop a wide array of unique gifts for for the yard. Find creatively designed garden decor, lawn and yard sculptures at Goffle Brook Farms in Ridgewood NJ. Who watches over the garden when no one is around? Butterflies and bees’ distribution duties are done. Spring’s generous rains and summer’s sun yield to autumn’s bare branches. Garden statues & sculptures reveal their intentions to keep the garden balanced. Our garden decor pieces make inviting yard art and nurturing garden art.

Unique Fathers Day Gift - Garden Decor

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