The Annuals at Goffle Brook Farms

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Early spring color makes those last winter harrahs a bit more bearable. Find out what plants can add early spring color to your garden at Goffle Brook Farms. For many gardeners, annuals are a go-to solution for many garden needs. Annual flowers are a quick way to fill empty spots in flowerbeds, and early-blooming spring annuals make great additions to container gardens.

Geranium Plants at Goffle Brook FarmsA mix of annual plants can offer a colorful solution for window box plantings. However, for any garden, there are dozens of annuals that might work for particular sun/shade situations, soil conditions, and color/plant preferences; and we’ve got them all.

Dress up the porch or patio with some containers filled with lovely spring blossoms and “smiley face” pansys to add a nice touch to any decor. With watering and tender-loving care your annuals and containers can provide welcoming seasonal color throughout almost the entire season.

Let us show you how to beautify your garden beds with colorful combinations of textures, habits and color. Browse our annual selections and make your combinations right here and you’ll be able to “get it just right”. There’s always room to arrange plants and get a feel for your finished product at home. Besides it “fun to do” and we “don’t mind”.

Annuals are available in 4 pak / 6 pak / flats / 3 inch pots / 4 inch pots and 6 inch pots; each labeled and priced accordingly for your shopping convenience, but if you have any questions, just ask us. We love to gossip garden chat.

Cool-season annuals

Cool-season annuals, such as pansy (Viola), primrose (Primula), and calendula, grow best in the cool soils and mild temperatures of spring and fall. Most withstand fairly heavy frosts. When the weather turns hot, they set seed and deteriorate. To bloom vigorously, they must develop roots and foliage during cool weather.

In mild-winter regions many cool-season annuals can be planted in fall for bloom in winter and early spring; or plant them in late winter or very early spring for spring flowers.

Warm-season annuals

Warm-season annuals include marigold (Tagetes), zinnia and impatiens. These plants grow and flower best in the warm months of late spring, summer, and early fall; they’re cold tender and may perish in a late frost if planted too early in spring. In cold-winter climates, set out warm-season annuals after the danger of frost has passed. In warm-winter areas, plant them in mid spring.

The Annuals At Goffle Brook Farms – Ridgewood, N.J.

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Seasonal Color - Bacopa


Seasonal Color - Begonias


Seasonal Color - Bidens


Seasonal Color - Calibrochea


Seasonal Color - Cleome


Seasonal Color - Diascia


Seasonal Color - Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Seasonal Color - Euphorbia


Seasonal Color - Fuscia


Seasonal Color - Gaura


Seasonal Color - Geraniums


Seasonal Color - Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

Seasonal Color - Heliotrope


Seasonal Color - Lantana


Seasonal Color - Lobelia


Seasonal Color - Marigold


Seasonal Color - Martha Washington Geraniums

M. Washington Geraniums

Seasonal Color - Moonflower


Seasonal Color - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Seasonal Color - Nemesia


Seasonal Color - Pansies


Seasonal Color - Phlox


Seasonal Color - Portulaca



Seasonal Color - Scaevola


Seasonal Color - Snap Dragons

Snap Dragons

Seasonal Color - Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Seasonal Color - Torenia


Seasonal Color - Verbena


Seasonal Color - Wave Petunia

Wave Petunia

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